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Choice Cut - is a zombie, noir, detective, hard-boiled, dystopian fiction novel.

Two kinds of humans walk the earth – the Living Dead and the Living Alive.

Private Investigator Bill Keaton is hired by the richest man alive, Raymond Davies, the owner of the Synthmeat process, to protect his daughter Ruth. Keaton thwarts a kidnap attempt by the Harlequin gang, dropping three LD members with gunfire. Then the job really begins.

Equilibrium, where LDs and LAs live side by side and together. Where Chop Shops process human meat for the black market, free-range LDs herds roam the open range, and business/government manipulates everyone to elongate their own personal existence, selectively blending LDs with LAs.

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Twin Killing - a History of a Serial Killer is a serial killer, suspense, crime, noir, detective fiction novel

Robert David Smalley has been murdering twins and their mothers for over forty years. Three times in California, once in Washington and now in Texas. Getting old and worried that he can not continue, he turns himself in to the Dallas Police Department. He refuses to talk to the DPD or FBI. He will only talk with Wayne Mitchell, a retired detective from Oakland, California. Mitchell's first murder investigation was Smalley's first Twin Killing.

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