George W. Parker

If you write, you probably want to be read. This is not Tolstoy's Russia, all snowed in with nothing else to do and nowhere else to go. People have so many options (distractions) today: Cable TV, Streaming TV, Movies, Video consoles, swiping right or left, and if nothing else playing solitaire on their phones. I think when you write a story it's important to follow the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid.) Make your story accessible. - George W. Parker

About the Author - George W. Parker has published an intertextual cycle of American genre novels: Death; Juxtaposed, The Letters, The Krew, Conversations at Night, and Vanishing Trick here listed on the Lit tab. Additionally, he has authored The Boy in the Box and The Law the second and third novels in the Marvin Davis PI series along with Twin Killing, a serial killer novel, are listed on the Noir tab. Choice Cut and Chop Shop are zombie/noir novels listed on the Neo Zombie tab. The Dystopian YA novels, The Tunnel, The City, and The Prairie, written as Wendy Alane Macfarland, are found on the YA tab. He lives in Austin and is currently working on The Grove, an expansion on the zombie/noir world

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