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by George W. Parker

Death; Juxtaposed - The Galveston hurricane of 1900 killed an estimated 8000 dead. With a thirty-foot wave surge and 100mph winds the category 5 hurricane leveled the city. That is only part of the story. Mary is a successful lawyer, Al a not so successful graphic designer. Their marriage is failing. She looks outside their marriage for comfort. He looks to the past for his. Be careful what you look for.

Vanishing Trick - How smart is too smart? In the near future a device to make people smarter is stolen from it's inventor, B. The military wants to use it to create a junta. Disaffected members of the government are after it as a tool to control the population. And corporate American wants a commercial piece of its additive powers. With the help of his girlfriend, her US Senator father, and the power of the device B fights to undo the work of his invention in a multilayered literary suspense story from our future.

Vanishing Trick* With a Forward and Annotated by George W. Parker - The Author's personal understanding and interpretation of his novel Vanishing Trick. Limited availability.

Conversations at Night

Part 1 - (1965-1974) Drugs, Sex and Violence.

Part 2 - (1972-1974) A man wants to be remembered.

Part 3 - (Before 1965) Profiles in Courage.

A three part look at Life, Art, and Civilization; Arkansas style.

The Letters - Cocaine, murder and love. What else would you expect on a summer day? It is July in Dallas and hot. Then the fat man is murdered and everything gets hotter. Private detective Marv Davis is hired for an easy job, recover some stolen items. That "easy job" quickly leads him into in a web of drug related murders strung between downtown alleys and North Dallas boulevards. The police and drug dealers are hot on his heels and, oh yes, a beautiful woman.

The Krew - Murder, suicide, rape, and incest; welcome to The Krew. Bill Kensett finds the boat of his dreams, a 56 foot ketch named The Krew. He quickly buys the boat and then quickly learns her horrific stories as he begins a solo sail around the world.

The Boy In The Box - Six murders, child porn, horse racing, drug smuggling, beautiful women, crooked police, crooked lawyers; it's all in a days work for Marv Davis. When a young boy is gruesomely murdered in an apparent gang killing Marvin Davis is hired by the boy's family to clear his name. That is the starting point for Marv's march into the world of porn, horse race fixing, police corruption and murder, all to the tune of his own drummer.

The Law - Marvin Davis is hired as 'muscle' in a blackmail payoff. When his client and the client's brother are murdered and his girlfriend, Shelia Goodwin, is kidnapped by a Mexican cartel boss, Marv is launched into full bore vigilante mode. Tearing through a long, hot Dallas night Marv takes the law into his own hands to free Shelia and to solve all of the Dallas Police's headaches.

Choice Cut - Two kinds of humans walk the earth – the Living Dead and the Living Alive. Private Investigator Bill Keaton is hired by the richest man alive, Raymond Davies, the owner of the Synthmeat process, to protect his daughter Ruth. Keaton thwarts a kidnap attempt by the Harlequin gang, dropping three LD members with gunfire. Then the job really begins. Equilibrium, where LDs and LAs live side by side and together. Where Chop Shops process human meat for the black market, free range LDs herds roam the open range, and business/government manipulates everyone one to elongate their own personal existence, selectively blending LDs with LAs. Free Sample PDF

Twin Killing - a History of a Serial Killer - Robert David Smalley has been murdering twins and their mothers for over forty years. Three times in California, once in Washington and now in Texas. Getting old and worried that he can not continue, he turns himself in to the Dallas Police Department. He refuses to talk to the DPD or FBI. He will only talk with Wayne Mitchell, a retired detective from Oakland, California. Mitchell's first murder investigation was Smalley's first Twin Killing. Free Sample PDF

Chop Shop - It’s okay to kill the dead. Dallas Homicide Detective Alicia Escobar and her Living Dead Liaison, Kenny Greene, are sent in error to a murder scene in Pleasant Grove. The victim is a female LD her body mutilated like the Black Dahlia from 1940’s Los Angles. Escobar and Greene discover this is the third victim killed in this fashion. They are called off the case because “you can’t kill the already dead.” Escobar and Greene start down the road of solving a series of crimes the law does not consider illegal with the police department actively trying to stop them. With multiple LA and LD deaths, it leads them through LD settlement camps, tenements, and ultimately City Hall as it devolves to a murder/blackmail case from before the Change with a fortune in crypto.

About the Author - George W. Parker has published an intertextual cycle of American genre novels: Death; Juxtaposed, The Letters, The Krew, Conversations at Night, and Vanishing Trick. Additionally he has authored The Boy in the Box and The Law the second and third novels in the Marvin Davis PI series along with Choice Cut and Chop Shop, zombie/noir novels. He lives in Austin and is currently working on The Grove, an expansion on the zombie/noir world. You can purchase paperback editions at Amazon.

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by Wendy Alane MacFarland

ASUA is the gritty story of a fourteen year old, Joan of Arc, 'tunnel' girl who is forced to confront threats of sexual assault and child marriage as she tries to save her kidnapped sisters from surface 'Raiders' and 'the Green Zone' in the not too distant future.

The Tunnel - Several years after the Softwar Companies fought each other, Kate lives with her mother, father and younger twin sisters on a tunnel farm. A Raider force from the surface attacks and murders Kate's mother and father, and kidnaps the Twins. Kate escapes by hiding in a prepared burrow away from the house. After burying her parents, Kate follows her parents oft repeated instructions, "Take care of your sisters." Kate sets out to save her sisters from the horror of captivity and slavery.

Above ground for the first time in her life Kate finds the Twins, but is betrayed by a friend and captured by the Raiders. She and her sisters are taken to a large Raider gathering to be sold. There is a camp explosion which allows Kate and her sisters to escape. They find refuge in the Green Zone, a city inhabited by engineered humans who are seeking ovum 'donors.'

The City - Two years after The Tunnel, The City sends a replacement android, Two of One, to capture Kate and her sisters. One of Seven leads the Twins to safety in the tunnel and Seven of Seven flies Kate to the old tunnel. They meet Larson on the surface and form an uneasy alliance with him as he leads them to safety. Following a flash flood Kate is reunited with Dorothy and Larson ignites the Raiders to take over the Green Zone. When the City attacks the Tunnel a war of survival begins.

The Prairie - Ten years have passed. The City's economy is failing. Larson and Three of Seven force people out of the city and into the tunnel to avoid starvation. Fighting breaks out. Kate and Hunter, trying to establish a farm on the surface, are pulled into the violence and Kate learns more of Hunter's secrets.

Emma's UFO - Emma resents being ‘shipped’ to her Grandmother’s while her parents go to Hawaii for a business conference and her older sister gets stay in Dallas. It’s not that Emma doesn’t love her Grandmother, it’s that Arkansas is so boring, even if the rumors of a flying saucer are true. And how come only people in the middle of nowhere ever see flying saucers? To help their parents in the fields, kids in rural America learn to drive as soon as their feet can reach the petals. Emma is excited when Grandma teaches her how to drive the old truck. And then during the night Emma sees lights searching across the cotton fields. She is up, out of the bed and chasing a UFO.

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