Neo Zombie, Retro Detective Noir

Choice Cut - After the change, two kinds of humans walk the earth – the Living Dead and the Living Alive. Private Investigator Bill Keaton is hired by the richest man alive, Raymond Davies, the owner of the Synthmeat process, to protect his daughter Ruth. Keaton thwarts a kidnap attempt by the Harlequin gang, dropping three LD members with gunfire. Then, the job really begins. Equilibrium, where LDs and LAs live side by side and together. Where Chop Shops process human meat for the black market, free-range LDs herds roam the open range, and business/government manipulates everyone to elongate their own personal existence, selectively blending LDs with LAs.

Chop Shop - It’s okay to kill the dead. Dallas Homicide Detective Alicia Escobar and her Living Dead Liaison, Kenny Greene, are sent in error to a murder scene in Pleasant Grove. The victim is a female LD; her body is mutilated like the Black Dahlia from 1940s Los Angeles. Escobar and Greene discover this is the third victim killed in this fashion. They are called off the case because “you can’t kill the already dead.” Escobar and Greene start down the road of solving a series of crimes the law does not consider illegal, with the police department actively trying to stop them. With multiple LA and LD deaths, it leads them through LD settlement camps, tenements, and ultimately City Hall as it devolves into a murder/blackmail case from before the Change with a fortune in crypto.

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