Young Adult as Wendy Alane Macfarland

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

by Wendy Alane MacFarland

ASUA is the gritty story of a fourteen-year-old 'tunnel' girl who is forced to confront threats of sexual assault and child marriage as she tries to save her kidnapped sisters from surface 'Raiders' and 'the Green Zone' in the not -too-distant future.

The Tunnel - After the collapse of technology, Kate lives with her mother, father, and younger twin sisters on a tunnel farm. A Raider force from the surface attacks.  Kate escapes by hiding in a prepared burrow away from the house. Her mother and father are murdered, and the Twins are kidnapped.  After burying her parents, Kate sets out to save her sisters from the horror of captivity and slavery.

Above ground, for the first time in her life, Kate finds the Twins but is betrayed by a friend. Captured by the Raiders, Kate and her sisters are taken to a large Raider gathering where they will be sold as slaves. There is an explosion which allows Kate and her sisters to escape. They find refuge in the Green Zone, a city inhabited by engineered humans seeking ovum 'donors.'

The City - Two years after The Tunnel, The City sends a replacement android, Two of One, to capture Kate and her sisters. One of Seven leads the Twins to safety in the tunnel, and Seven of Seven flies Kate to the old tunnel. They meet Larson on the surface and form an uneasy alliance with him as Larson leads them to safety. Following a flash flood, Kate is reunited with Dorothy, and Larson ignites the Raiders to take over the Green Zone. When the City attacks the Tunnel, a war of survival begins.

The Prairie - Ten years have passed. The City's economy is failing. Larson and Three of Seven force people out of the city and into the tunnel to avoid starvation. Widespread fighting breaks out. Kate and Hunter, trying to establish a farm on the surface, are pulled into the violence and Kate learns more of Hunter's secrets.

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