Detective Noir

The Letters - Cocaine, murder, and love. What else would you expect on a summer day? It is July in Dallas and hot. Then the fat man is murdered and everything gets hotter. Private detective Marv Davis is hired for an easy job, recover some stolen items. That "easy job" quickly leads him into a web of drug-related murders strung between downtown alleys and North Dallas boulevards. The police and drug dealers are hot on his heels and, oh yes, a beautiful woman.

The Boy In The Box - Six murders, child porn, horse racing, drug smuggling, beautiful women, crooked police, crooked lawyers; it's all in a days work for Marv Davis. When a young boy is gruesomely murdered in an apparent gang killing, Marvin Davis is hired by the boy's family to clear his name. That is the starting point for Marv's march into the world of porn, horse race fixing, police corruption and murder, all to the tune of his own drummer. 

The Law - Marvin Davis is hired as 'muscle' in a blackmail payoff. When his client and the client's brother are murdered and his girlfriend, Shelia Goodwin, is kidnapped by a Mexican cartel boss, Marv is launched into full-bore vigilante mode. Tearing through a long, hot Dallas night Marv takes the law into his own hands to free Shelia and to solve all of the Dallas Police's headaches.  

Twin Killing - a History of a Serial Killer - Robert David Smalley has been murdering twins and their mothers for over forty years. Three times in California, once in Washington and now in Texas. Getting old and worried that he can not continue, he turns himself into the Dallas Police Department. He refuses to talk to the DPD or FBI. He will only talk with Wayne Mitchell, a retired detective from Oakland, California. Mitchell's first murder investigation was Smalley's first Twin Killing. 

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